College Football Playoff Expansion Guaranteed to Arrive in Under 4 Years

Joel Klatt: “Even though I don’t think it’s good for the sport, but I do think it’s exactly where we’re headed. We’re headed to eight teams and it’s going to happen before the contract is up. I’ve had some conversations with very powerful people who are very much in the know and the reason this playoff is going to expand to eight before this contract is done is because it’s the only way that some of these conferences on shaky ground remain together, namely the Pac-12. If the Pac-12 keeps getting left out of this four-team playoff and then the new media contracts up come, there is likely going to be some shifts in terms of conference realignment. Some of those schools are going to leave because they’re not happy with the Pac-12. The way these conferences hold it together is getting an automatic qualifying spot for its champion. I’m not here to say I ‘THINK’ it’s going to happen, it’s GOING to happen and will happen within the next three to four years.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Fox Sports college football analyst and FS1 color commentator Joel Klatt join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd why it’s all but guaranteed that college football will expand its playoff system to eight teams in the next 3-4 years.

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh recently proposed a new college football playoff plan that would include 11 teams. In Harbaugh’s proposition the five Power 5 conference champions would receive automatic bids and byes in the first round, while 6 wild card teams played three first round games with the three winners then advancing to make up the eight teams in the second round bracket.

Klatt says he’s been in contact with some of the most powerful individuals in the sport on the subject, and says college football expansion is GUARANTEED to happen, and will likely extend to eight teams in the next 3-4 years, despite the four-team format holding a contract with ESPN that goes all the way to 2026.

Check out the audio below as Klatt details why the Power 5 conferences will make sure the expansion happens ASAP, considering in the current 4-team format, one of these major conferences will always be left out in the cold every year, which can severely damage a conference financially.

College Football Playoff Expansion Guaranteed to Arrive in Under 4 Years