VIDEO: Thousands Of Bees Attack California Man And His Dogs In Backyard

Photo: Getty Images

A California man and his three dogs were attacked by thousands of bees in his backyard on Saturday, July 24.

Bob Ramos, who lives in Diamond Bar, told KTLA the bees were in "attack mode." His dogs tore through the screen of his home in an attempt to get away from the bees outside.

Ramos went outside to try to save his dogs. He wore a towel over his head as protection, but the bees managed to get underneath and stung him on his ears and on his face. He was stung over 40 times while trying to get the dogs away from the bees.

“I keep trying to convince myself that I did … I did everything I could do,” Ramos said while tearing up.

Ramos and his chocolate Lab named Rolo survived, but his daughter's two small dogs were killed by the bees.

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