'Ghost-Like' Sighting In California Mountains Being Investigated By Police

Photo: Getty Images

A family's recent experience with a ghost-like sighting in the mountains is prompting an investigation by the Madera County Sheriff's office.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, July 21, in the Madera County Mountains.

Jake Gorba, Victoria, and their three kids were taking their four-wheeler up to Shuteye Peak. When the family stopped to eat lunch, the couple noticed their three-year-old Kaiden talking to someone.

"He was just in our car and he was pointing out to a certain spot in the meadow," Victoria told FOX26.

Kaiden told his family there was a woman in a nearby meadow lying face down with her legs straight up in there. He said the woman couldn't speak or move and needed help.

"He flat out told us, 'mom she’s dead, she needs our help' and that’s when I got the goosebumps and I was like, oh my gosh," said Victoria.

The couple checked the meadow but didn't see the woman.

The family was spooked enough to end their trip early and post about the strange experience on Facebook.

The post led them to find out that a woman named Sandra Hughes went missing in the area in June of 2020.

Victoria told FOX26 her son's detailed description of the woman was identical to the description of Hughes when she went missing.

Madera County Sheriff Corporal Chris Williams saw the family's Facebook post and contacted them to further investigate.

Officers went out to the location but found no new evidence and the case remains open.

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