Cam Cameron: Chargers coaches, including Marty, wanted Brees over Rivers

Former Chargers OC Cam Cameron joined Hardwick and Richards today to discuss Drew Brees' milestone from Monday, and in doing so, Cameron revealed that back in 2005, the entire coaching staff wanted to keep Brees as the Chargers starting quarterback. Instead, Brees signed with the Saints and Philip Rivers took over as the starter. Here are Nick Hardwick's thoughts of what he heard from Cameron today:

"I had no idea, as I'm assuming most of my teammates didn't at the time either; there was a consensus amongst the coaching staff that they were going to move forward with Drew Brees as their quarterback after the 2005 season. That was a season in which we regressed from the 12-4 season the year before to a 9-7 mark. It was also the year that Drew had his arm virtually ripped off in our last game of the year. Nonetheless, the coaching staff seemed fine to have let Philip Rivers get traded, according to Cam. 

The position coaches took their approval to Marty Schottenheimer, who took it to AJ Smith, who apparently offered Drew a deal at the time. 

It's amazing the things you assume as a player in the building that aren't at all true."

The entire interview can be heard below.


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