LeBron James Out Indefinitely Under NBA’s COVID-19 Protocols

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker share their biggest takeaways from LeBron James, who now is under the NBA's health and safety protocols after testing positive for COVID-19. Some reports have said that LeBron could miss up to 10 days.

The LA Lakers have been faced with dilemma after dilemma stemming unfortunately from LeBron's health. If it's not injuries that's kept the Superstar down, it's now become the virus.

Chris Broussard: "From a basketball perspective, the Lakers and LeBron can't catch a break. It is what it is. We're all dealing with this, so other teams have lost players for games to COVID. But Lakers, Rob, we've talked about LeBron; he's missed 11 games going into last night. So this was his 12 game missed out of 23. Lakers have not played well without him, and they haven't played very well with him, to be honest...The good news is, they're only a half-game out of the 4th seed. That's how jumbled the western conference is."

Chris and Rob continue to react in the video above!

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