Wil Myers "It's Shocking...I Know the Player I'm Capable Of Being"

Wil Myers is on track for the worst season of his major-league career. This is not something he or the Padres could have envisioned when they agreed to a six-year, $83 million dollar extension in 2017.

The presumed "face of the franchise" at the time of the deal, Myers has changed positions multiple times, from centerfield to first base to third base back to the outfield. The first time was to accommodate the signing of Eric Hosmer, then came the even bigger signing of Manny Machado. Fact of the matter, he simply wasn't cut to be a third baseman.

But 2019 was supposed to be different. The pressure was seemingly off Myers. He could just be a guy in the lineup and not worry about position changes or trying to carry the team.

Instead, Myers has found himself watching from the bench more often than not, a bystander as the Padres see what they can can get from younger players such as Josh Naylor. Think the scrutiny of his disappointing performance is bad now? Next season, his base salary jumps from three million to a cool 20 million per.

Myers discussed losing his starting job and if he still has confidence in himself.

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