Peter Seidler "I Didn't Want To Take The Risk Of Doing Nothing"

Trust. Stability. Excellence.

These were words spoken by Padres owner Peter Seidler following the announcement of Fernando Tatis Junior's 14-year, $340 million dollar extension.

For a fan base of a city demoralized by horrendous ownership groups culminating in fire sales and relocation, it was truly remarkable to see the owner of the Padres talking about investing in his fan base and city, giving them a reason to be proud of their team for the next 14 years and actually detail winning over the next generation of fans.

"For our fans to know they can go to Petco anytime we're playing for 14 years and see this remarkable talent and great person and a tough team for any other team in baseball to play."

"People talk about risk. What people don't so much talk about is the risk of doing nothing. I didn't want to take the risk of doing nothing."

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