Which NFL Quarterbacks Earn The Most? It's Not Who You Think!

A deep dive into how much each NFL quarterback makes per minute of game time came back with some shocking results.

All Home Connections published a Professional Quarterback Salary Breakdown and they found that all-time great, and recently retired quarterback Tom Brady earned $55,244 per minute of game time. That probably seems like a lot until you compare it to other players in the league.

Here are the 5 quarterbacks, with highest earnings per minute:

  1. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts—$956,975 per minute
  2. Easton Stick, Los Angeles Chargers—$841,754 per minute
  3. Matt Schaub, Atlanta Falcons—$601,570 per minute
  4. Case Keenum, Cleveland Browns—$399,061 per minute
  5. Marcus Mariota, Las Vegas Raiders—$297,110 per minute

At $55,244 per minute, Tom Brady ranks #21.

All Home Connections, is an authorized AT&T retailer. Read the full report HERE.


To find the salary breakdown, we calculated the estimated total time played for every professional first-string quarterback for each NFL football team in the 2020 season. We calculated their number of total snaps in the regular season and playoff games and multiplied that by their offense’s average seconds per play. We then divided this by their 2020 earnings to find out how much they made per hour of playing time, which was used to find the per minute rate.

Note: Our data is based on the 2020 NFL rosters. Due to the nature of NFL transactions, select quarterbacks may have switched teams since the data was pulled.

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