Should Wil Myers Be Traded Or Remain On The Padres Roster?

The San Diego Padres are now one month into the 2018 season and there's already speculation about whether right fielder/first baseman, Wil Myers is worth his 4.5 million dollar salary.  As the fourth highest paid player on the team's current roster, Wil is also due for a big increase in 2020 that will take his annual salary to 22.5 million!  So the question is "Should Wil stay, or should he go?" Nick Hardwick, Rich Ohrnberger, Steve Hartman and Judson Richards of XTRA Sports got into a heated debate about the topic.  Watch the video below.  


Rich Ohrnberger:

It is May 1st. Wil Myers has had 40 PAs. The Padres should probably just concentrate on playing baseball right now. When Myers is healthy, continue the evaluation, and at the end of June let’s revisit this question. The trade deadline is 3 months away, it’s easy to read a quote from a player and react with emotion... but this is a business, and the goal is to achieve value on trades. Air conditioners don’t sell well in the winter, space heaters don’t fly off the shelves in the summer, injured 1B/OF don’t make the phones ring with offers at the end of April.

Mark Willard:  

RELAX! It’s been 1 month and he’s missed half of it. Wil Myers has become the little brother in the room who gets blamed every time there’s a spot on the rug. The Padres have had a dreadful start to the season, but that’s not Myers fault. His joke about being “bored” in the outfield was taken woefully out of context and the blame he’s taking for injury is unfounded. By the way, when he does play, he plays well. He’s batting .300 this year with his 40 at bats. Wil Myers may not be in the future outfield for the Padres, but it is WAY too early to make that call.

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