NFL COVID-19 Helmet Prototype Gets Mixed Reactions PHOTO

Photos of the "COVID-19 Series Helmet" prototype were unveiled Thursday and it's getting very mixed reactions.

A Twitter post made by @Stadium has received over 12,400 likes and over 8,900 retweets, with one of the most common comparisons about the prototype being made to Power Rangers and Storm Troopers.

Some respondents think a mask like this would make it too difficult for players to breathe and others think they'll fog up. There are also plenty of naysayers who don't believe the players will ever agree to wearing them and that they'll never get approved because, "Those actually would not work. If a player experiences a neck injury or obstructed airway there's no way for the facemask to be removed. These wouldn't pass through the NFLPA," according to @RobbTatka.

While the proptype is simply a graphic design, the attempt definitely sparked conversation about what would be realistic for a player to wear.

The League began testing protective face masks in May that are made of N95 material and Thom Mayer, the NFL Players Association's medical director has said that any new mask developed will likely cover a player's entire face, so this prototype design might not be far off.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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