New Mexico Cancels Games With Aztecs This Week

New Mexico v San Diego State

The Aztecs were ready to board a plane headed to Lubbock, Texas when they got a call cancelling their games against New Mexico scheduled for February 3 and 5.

Reportedly, New Mexico declined to play this series because of their severely diminished roster numbers, and it appears that the team may actually have to cancel the rest of the season.

Coach Brian Dutcher commented on the last minute cancellation, saying, “Obviously, New Mexico decided they couldn’t compete. I know they’ve had as hard a year as anybody, they haven’t been at home, they’ve been on the road the whole time. I understand how hard it’s been. But until we hear some official word from them on why (they can’t play), I can’t speculate.”

For the time being, Dutcher and staff are pursuing a high-profile replacement game outside the conference. An ideal option would be No. 1 Gonzaga, who is also looking for games after losing two this week. No. 5 ranked Houston also has open dates.

Photo: Getty Images

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