Basketball Team With 3 Identical Players Accused of "Taking Advantage"

Dora High School basketball team in Missouri has triplet brothers on the roster and it's causing all kinds of controversy and confusion for players, competitors and most importantly the referees. Video indicates the triplets may be swapping positions at crucial plays.

The team has been accused by opponents of taking advantage of the triplets' identical appearance by "switching" the triplets (Auston, Mason, and Bryson) during key plays. The controversy came to a head this weekend after the Cabool Holiday Tournament, where Dora beat its opponent Licking High 63–61 in the championship game.

The father of one of the opposing players told the Springfield News-Leader that Licking didn’t notice the brother's hijinks until they watched film after the game. The dad also claims that other schools have noticed the "switching" stunts as well, and he accused the Dora coach (who just happens to be the triplets' dad, Rick Luna) of planning the switch. 

Rick Luna was contacted by Ozark Sports Zone about the allegations and insisted there was no master plan to exploit his sons’ identical appearance in any way.

Ozark Sports Zone published video of two instances where Auston was fouled and did not take the foul shots. On one occasion, Bryson takes the free throws and on the other it was Mason. 

Photo: Getty Images

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