Aztec Close Out A Tough Football Season Without A Bowl Game

Nevada v San Diego State

After a 28-14 loss to BYU on December 12, the San Diego State University (SDSU) Aztecs ended the season with a 4-4 overall record, and 4-2 in their Mountain West Conference (MWC).

The team had hoped to participate in one of the MWC bowl games, but after being overlooked for the New Mexico Bowl and Arizona Bowl, they made the decision to withdraw from consideration from any other MWC bowls.

This will be the first season in 11 years that the Aztecs have not participated in a bowl game. The teams disappointment at not attending a bowl game this year is heightened by the fact that Hawaii State will be playing in the New Mexico Bowl - a team who not only lost to the Aztecs 34-10 but one whose season record is not as good.

Randy Hoke told Steve Hartman, “That ticks me off, I don’t understand. There’s about 20 pages of Mountain West bowl scenarios, and what has to happen. I don’t have an answer. I’ll be real honest with you. You could talk about head-to-head, you can talk about all those things. We’re a 4-2 team in the league.”

“Our guys deserve that and I believe that in all my heart,” Hoke said. “I’m not real sure how it came to be from the decision makers.”

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