Padres Game Postponed Due To Shooting Outside Stadium, Timeline Of Events

San Diego Padres v Washington Nationals

Photo: Getty Images North America

On Saturday night (July 17th), the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres game was postponed due to a shooting outside the stadium. It was a scary scene in the sixth inning as you can hear multiple popping sounds (gunshots) during the television broadcast.

After that moment, there was confusion as no one inside the stadium seemed to know what those noises were either. As news broke about what occurred, players rushed to the stands to get their families, who traveled with them to the game, to take them to the clubhouse.

As authorities confirmed the shooting, the Nationals placed a statement onto the scoreboard stating:

"The incident is outside the stadium. Please remain inside the stadium at this time. We are monitoring the situation & we will update you as soon as information become available."

The Nationals then advised all fans to exit the stadium through the center-field and right-field gates. Fans could be seen running away from the stadium.

The Padres were winning 8-4 at the time of the incident, but none of that matters right now. We hope that everyone made it out of the stadium and home safely.

The remainder of the game will be played Sunday, as the first game of a double header at 1:05 pm.

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