Cam Cameron Remembers Marty Schottenheimer

Green Bay Packers v San Diego Chargers

Cam Cameron worked as the Offensive Coordinator of the San Diego Chargers under Marty Schottenheimer. Today, Coach Cameron shared his memories with XTRA 1360... You can read Cam's thoughts below:

"Looking back on my time with Marty so many great memories come to mind. First, I am so proud to be able to say that he was my Head Coach! It’s not everyday you get to coach for a Hall of Fame Head Football Coach and Marty, I think we all agree, is just that. He was also a mentor, friend, golf partner and role model. 

I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have been able to call plays as his Offensive Coordinator for 5 years in San Diego. Marty loved to run the football and our teams were built to be physical, tough and smart. All characteristics that embodied who he was, where he was from (Pittsburgh Area), what he believed in and how he believed you win in the NFL, something he did at every stop. 

The football memories are priceless and countless, and these are the ones that stood out to me that people might not know. 

•I had the pleasure of playing 9 holes of golf with him prior to our home preseason games. Something I honestly never dreamed a coach could do. Marty loved the game of golf and he was good at it. He was a single handicap golfer and as competitive as anyone I ever played with. He was better than me and took great joy in winning $5 off of me most of the time. We’d talk family, golf and football. We all know how much he loved his family and football was a close second. He adored his wife Pat in a way I had never see a man adore his wife and it had a profound impact on me as a husband. He talked about kids Kristen and Brian every chance he could and this also had a tremendous effect on me as a father. We talked about our offensive personnel, game plan for that nights game as well as what we needed to do to beat Oakland then Denver then Kansas City to win the Division. Two teams that he hated and one that he loves and always will. If you knew Marty you know which is which. 

•I’ll miss sitting in a booth at Steak & Shake eating a hamburger and fries each evening at the Combine in Indianapolis. We would talk through what we saw that day as well as possible roster moves coming up in free-agency. 

•I’ll miss the great dinners each evening at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. That’s where Marty introduced me to Scotch. He loved a Single Malt Scotch. It took me several years to acquire a taste for it but I’m happy to say I toast he and my father every time I have a glass. My father, Tom, is a longtime Scotch guy as well. 

•Marty’s favorite play call was 40 or 50 Power. One year we called it 24 times, I think in a row, in a win against the Raiders in Oakland. 18 to the right and 6 to the left for a total of 28 points just on that play. He couldn’t get the smile off his face. If you don’t believe me just ask anyone who worked for him how well he could clinic every detail of the play. Be sure to ask them the pulling guards technique as he described it. It’s priceless! The code words for the play were Marty (40 Power) and Steel (50 Power). We named it after him and what his hometown was known for, Steel. It was also fitting that the play LT broke the all time NFL scoring record came on “Steel” 50 Power. 

I’ll close with this. Marty, thank you for all you taught me about being a coach, husband, father, mentor, friend and a man! Finally I want to say “I love you, we’ll all miss you and cheers till I see you again.”

- Cam Cameron

Photo: Getty Images

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