How Costa, Richards and Fletch Are Dealing With Quarantine

The Morning Show guys are all handling 'social distancing' a little different. I had Jud and Costa write up a little paragraph about what they are going through now that their social circles have been cut down to one or two people... Send us some tweets @costaxtra1360, @judson1360 and @fletchsports to let us know what is going on with you! Hopefully everyone is handling this new world safely and coming up with some funny ways to keep each other entertained while staying in Quarantine... Listen tomorrow morning at 6am to hear more reaction and stories from your favorite morning show!

First off, Mike Costa... As we all know, Mike is an extremely comfortable human being, he basically lives his whole life in Quarantine, believe me if you have seen his house you would understand why. I mean, before his Maserati he may have been affected by this, but now, the beefy, veteran sports radio host is good to go.

Costa's Thoughts Below:

The most difficult thing about self-quarantining is what the 3-time World Champions of professional football, the Raiders, are thinking about when it comes to their QB position. Is it ride or die with Derek Carr or is it Marcus Mariota’s job? Personally I think Carr can get it done, and being in the same offense with the same OC another year will help. Love what they have done in free agency so far. The Corey Littleton pick-up is big at the LB position. I hope the new stadium opens on time. That sums up how I’m dealing with the ‘Rona.


Judson 'The Natural' Richards literally has a tattoo of a television on his body... His wife is also weeks if not days away from giving birth... How are the Richards handling being isolated from the world and even moreso... THE YOGA!!!!!

Judson's Thoughts Below:

“The most difficult thing about being quarantined is NOT snacking. You go to the store and stock up. But here's the problem, the cupboards are full! And you tend to just grab anything at the store. The diet goes out the window in a pandemic. Fruit and vegetables don’t last. Poptarts do. Like forever. I haven’t bought Poptarts in 20 years. Well, I’ve got em now. We baked cookie for a party of 20. Were three, and those are gone. Snack and nap, snack and nap, snack and nap. So glad I spent $100 on a cleanse a week ago. But that sums up 2020. “


Then there is me, I have been called a producer extraordinaire, a master pusher of buttons and the glue that holds this show together according to my mother.

I am currently living in sin with my beautiful Fiance, Kendall and what better way to start off our lives together than by being stuck in a one bedroom apartment together without being able to go to a coffee shop (AKA Bar) or the Library (AKA Casino)... We are getting through all this just fine and there has not been any big blow out fights... However we are going to have to figure out the television situation... I am all about trying new movies and shows, I have a very adventurous palate when it comes to entertainment and I love the Office. However, I will get very excited about a show or a movie and I will sit on the couch and Kendall says, "I don't care just put on the Office."

We have been only cooking at home since all of this started and I have gotten really good at frying an egg and throwing it on a pile of rice. Kendall has gotten really good at heating up frozen burritos.

We are still working and will keep working until they tell us we are not allowed to. Stay positive, keep grinding and keep listening! We love you all and as Matthew McConaughey says, there is a green light after this red light... Let's keep going.

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