Steelers Fan Choked Pregnant Chargers Fan In The Stands

A pregnant woman and her husband say they were taunted and physically assaulted by a Pittsburgh Steelers fan during the December 2nd game against the Los Angeles Chargers. The abuse came to a head when the Steelers fan started choking the woman. 

Daniel Minshew and his wife, who are from San Diego, travel to a few road games each year to support their team. While they don't mind the occasional good natured-ribbing they receive from the hometown fans, what transpired in Pittsburgh crossed the line. 

“My wife and I attend several road games annually and I myself have been to approximately a dozen away games and have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night," Daniel said in an email to the Pittsburgh Current

Daniel, who wears a custom Chargers suit to all games, said the drunk fan knocked his hat off of his head, and when he complained to security, they did nothing. The situation escalated when the Steelers fan put his hands around the throat of Minshew's wife.

“Not only was there an assault, but my wife is also 26-and-a-half weeks pregnant and I legitimately feared for both our safety,” Minshew said. “After the assault… no security or presence of law enforcement was visible in the actual section and the only way we felt [we could] safely exit the stadium was with a large group of Charger fans."

Minshew said that nobody took his statement or checked in on the condition of his wife. He added that he has reached out to law enforcement authorities and wants to press charges against the assailant

A spokesperson from Heinz Field released a statement calling the actions of the drunk fan "unacceptable and something we do not condone on our property."

“We strive to make events at Heinz Field safe for our guests. This type of behavior seen in the photo is unacceptable and something we do not condone on our property. We are working with Heinz Field security as well as local authorities to gather more information on this particular incident as the Pittsburgh Police determines whether or not to press charges, and we will ensure those involved as the aggressors will not be permitted back into our stadium.”