“Kevin Durant wanted to play with guys who understand the game, not guys who have a 40 inch vertical.”

Despite the eyeball test normally making it difficult for Russell Westbrook to lose any skillset comparisons to some of basketball’s best players, Colin Cowherd thinks Houston’s blowout victory over the Thunder on Sunday encapsulates how fans commonly mistake euphoric talent with success.

Even though their MVP duel could ultimately favor triple-double king Westbrook, Cowherd thinks Harden is the much more refined player, especially in the minds of his peers.

“Shooter, ball handler, self-awareness; guys want to play with him [Harden]. Harden is the better player,” Cowherd said. “When Kevin Durant left Westbrook, he didn’t go to a team with no shooters, he actually went to a team with two great shooters, because he wanted to play the game the right way.”