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Photo: YouTube

With reports of creepy clowns all around Albany's Capital Region it's no surprise that more keep on showing up. This time we actually have footage of the clown in action, captured by PYX 106 morning radio host Quinn of Quinn and Cantara

"Yeah, I was freaked out," said Quinn. "It's not every day I pull into the parking lot at 4am and see someone running around, let alone one of these clowns. This is really scary stuff." 

When he pulled into the parking lot and saw the suspicious activity that's when he decided to pull up his phone to capture the moment since no one has been able to get one of these sightings on tape. 

There were other reports from earlier this week that clowns were spotted in Amsterdam, Johnstown, and Clifton Park. 

So far no one has been injured during any of these sightings.