1. More football in so many ways

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been quoted many times saying "Fans want more football," and the league seems to be trending in that direction.

Goodell told Jeff Darlington of that the league has discussed expanding the NFL Draft from 3 days to 4. The current format has the 1st round on Day 1, rounds 2 and 3 on Day 2, and the last 4 rounds on Day 3.

Goodell also said the league is discussing whether to keep the draft in May, or move it back to late April.

2. South of the border reports the Big 12 Conference and the PAC 12 Conference are in talks to play a college football game in Mexico. It is not known what schools would play in the game, but it is likely that Texas would take on a PAC 12 school in Mexico City, according to Big 12 Commission Bob Bowlsby.

The PAC 12 is looking at expanding into Latin America, as the report confirmed efforts by PAC 12 Commission Larry Scott to expand the conference brand to Asia and the Far East.

3. Drive-thru breakfast

The morning commute in Georgia was a bit tastier this morning.

On I-75, northwest of Atlanta, a reported 70,000 lbs of Little Debbie products were scattered along the highway after a semi-truck tipped over at 3am this morning.

Little Debbie products include:

  • Cosmic Brownies
  • Honey Buns
  • Oatmeal Cream Pies
  • Nutty Bars Wafer Bars
  • Swiss Rolls
  • Zebra Cakes

9 people were injured in the accident, and the driver of the truck was charged with following too close.