Gunhild Swanson is a 70-year-old woman who recently competed in the Western States Endurance Run.

She finished the 100.2 mile race on Sunday in 29 hours, 59 minutes, and 54 seconds.

That is 6 seconds before the 30 hour cut-off.

Swanson is the oldest competitor to ever finish the grueling race.

According to Runner's World, Swanson passed the final aid station, about 1.3 miles before the finish, with 16 minutes to go.  They note that while 16 minutes may seem like plenty of time to run 1.3 miles, many runners take longer to finish that last leg of the 100-mile race.  Women's champion Magdalena Boulet ran the same stretch in about 16 minutes.

Swanson's finish can be seen in the video below.  Her son, grandson, and friends cheered her on.  That is overall race winner Rob Krar running with her.  He finished the race 15 hours earlier, but ran the last mile with Swanson in flip flops.

Ten years ago, a 60-year-old Gunhild Swanson set the course record for the 60-69 age-group with a time of 25:40:29.